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The second day my phone is torn from calls and messages from journalists who hope to find a local eyewitness to the tragedy, but I cannot help. It hurts to look at what is happening in my native Kherson. And it hurts even more to see how a few Russians show more care about us than many of Ukrainians. Because for the third day I am viewing videos with flooded houses and dying animals to the Russian retro pop music, to the clink of glasses, the sloshing of water in the pool behind the neighbor’s fence and the smell of BBQ. All this has been going on since mid-May without interruption for tragedies and environmental disasters. No, I am not a supporter of the ban on pleasure, which was made a cult during the war. This is an extremity, guilt is inappropriate here. This is an integral part of life, and life does not pause. Without pleasure there is no joy and even in the occupation, perhaps, I managed to survive thanks to the small pleasures available there. I understand that for many people this is the only way to manage their emotional state. I don't understand extremities. I don't understand why, after 16 months of war for the survival of Ukraine and Ukrainians, we still do not feel like one people and do not care about the feelings of other Ukrainians. I don’t understand why the best of the best die if nothing changes for a large part of the population from a large-scale tragedy in their own country. It turns out that they do not feel it as their own? I can’t look at all this through “everyone goes at their own pace”, understanding that we are dependent on each other more than ever and bear collective responsibility. Maybe the system, that our society is, does not create enough conditions for growth? Then it is not surprising that a war is going on in our territory. I express my condolences to all the people of my native land who were affected by this tragedy. I rejoice when I see that when choosing between expensive things and animals, you choose animals. You are the best people!
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