The Home.
The Black Moon And The Voice Of The Ancestors
The Black Moon and The Voice Of The Ancestors (maximum print size 95x110cm, 2020)

    At the core level, we are all connected with hundreds, maybe thousands of people, we do not know almost anything about. We borrow their experience and often act relying on it, bearing the burden of their lives. The voices of our ancestors wove into a silent choir, which often humbles to us our aspirations, thoughts and decisions. Many of these decisions help us to survive and succeed, but this is not always true.
    Each person is born with an inherited knowledge maintaining direct contact with it until 2 years old. As own mind builds up, genetic memory is pressed out into the structures of the "collective unconscious." The memories of our ancestors sometimes reveal in dreams, in a state of trance or deep meditation as events, we could not witness during our life. The experience of these events and resulting emotional injuries affect our behavior, as if we were real participants. Scientists call it “genetic memory”. The word "memory" here is rather a metaphor, demonstrating an epigenetically encoded tendency to certain types of behavior. 
    In 2013, after conducting a series of experiments on mice, scientists proved the fact of transferring experience at the gene level. They taught mice to be afraid of the smell of bird cherry, which has the substance acetophenone. The offsprings of these mice were just as afraid of the smell of bird cherry as the offsprings of their offsprings.
    Perhaps, recalling your ancestors, you are able to take a fresh look at yourself and your life! Wars, famine and repressions can hardly be called a pleasant experience. It helps us to be invisible, to fear, to live in tension, to hide our thoughts and feelings, to suppress our individuality, to ignore our needs, dissolving in the crowd.

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Making of 40x speed teaser
The Home

   ‘Home’ is a reflection of my own process of spiritual search and inner transformation. The feeling of permanent dissatisfaction and anxiety prompted me to work actively to change myself. Soon it became the main motif of my art. The project consists of a series of digital photo collages (photo manipulations) for large scale high resolution printing (1-2 meters long). I shoot suitable pictures while traveling around the world. Then I create sculptures from different materials at home to combine everything seamlessly into one artwork. I pay special attention to the details of each artwork and its realism, trying to convey deliberately unrealistic images to photographically true appearance, easy to believe in. Each work in my series reflects a certain experience or insight that I came to in the process of spiritual practice. Black color here demonstrates closeness to the outside world, internal search. White is the color of purification, peace and perfection, loosing fears and excitements. For most modern people, transformation of personality is essential for true happiness. Perhaps this is also a necessary condition for the survival of humanity as a whole.
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