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   We become stronger in what we practice. The choice we repeat regularly becomes a pattern of behavior. At the physical level, the nerve cells in the brain line up along the path of the regular movement of thought, the vector of attention, action or inaction, turning into rails along which the train of daily decisions moves and, over time, turning aside becomes the same impossible task as for a diesel locomotive driver. This process is displayed in popular culture, for example, in the film “Click”, where God gives the main character a remote control for his life (in fact, for his attention), without proper instructions, of course, welcome on Earth! If we compare our decision-making mechanism with a remote control, then it is worth noting that without the proper level of consciousness, it shamelessly change hands, and everyone who is not lazy enough presses the buttons on it. They are installed, as a rule, in early childhood by parents, relatives and teachers according to the patterns accepted in society. The more rolled the rails are, the easier it is to manipulate a person, triggering the desired reaction, action or inaction. If you look behind the screen of your TV or a gadget, you will find a finger pressing the button "Guilt", "Shame", "Aggression" or "Fear". And if all of the above does not work, then there is an emergency “Pity” button. As the events of the reality surrounding us today show, anything can be squeezed out from an individual: money, vote, murder or even own death.
   As the war started, I see more and more people around me actively practicing hatred, aggression and the belief that everyone owes us something. Aggression is not courage. Courage is to express, and sometimes, on the contrary, to suppress it, where and when it is necessary and appropriate, even if it involves a great risk to life and health. Courage is creating something personal, unique and original, even if it is not appreciated.
But many people sincerely believe that all problems can be solved with righteous anger, and the world will be forever fascinated by our swearing parrots and it will be possible to continue to sell empty tins painted in yellow and blue colors. What worked yesterday no longer works today and will definitely interfere tomorrow. In part, the pessimistic inertial scenarios for the development of post-war Ukraine, which won the war but lost the peace, are based on this. However, it is too early to even talk about winning a war, because aggression is suitable for a short distance race, not a marathon. Nature has not designed us to live for years in a state of hatred. It is certainly much more powerful and better than fear, but still with a minus sign, it reduces our efficiency and burns out the internal resources of the body in a short time. If we manage to crawl to the finish line in this state, it will not be possible to get up after it soon. The broken-down nervous and endocrine system will have to be reassembled for years (it can be done in a couple of months, but more on that later). We will hopelessly miss the start of the next race, which will start immediately and not wait for us to adapt. A race no less important than the one in which we are running now. If we don't change and get off the rails today, we won't win the peace. There is no right button and there shouldn't be. There will be mistakes. But everywhere and at all times, responsible adults grow from people given freedom of choice with its consequences clearly explained.

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