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Part of Kherson’s population is standing in line for potatoes. Another part is rallying for the freedom of Ukraine. More and more often I see posts on social media that say people are disappearing. Especially those who come to the rally. The smell of the "Kherson People's Republic" is in the air already. Props and actors for the play have already been brought downtown to film the fiction movie.
   The Storyteller also remembered about his “Potato” fellow today. This is his best friend and ally, with whom it is much more fun to compose and tell fairy tales. After all, one Storyteller is good, but two are always better!
When I look at the neighboring "Potato Republic", I clearly understand what will happen if we surrender. The President of Ukraine will one day come out with a piece of paper and say that Poland has been preparing to capture us for a long time, so we provided our airfields for a preventive "special operation" to demilitarize and denazify it. And he will add that everyone will forget about the war in a year or so.
   Who, if not a Storyteller, knows that words have power? If this war is forgotten in a year, it will only be because another one has begun. And it is quite possible for that to become the Potato Republic's war.
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