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The war is slowly becoming something we are used to. Several old trolleybuses and garbage trucks have crawled out onto the streets. The infection that hit the city has not gone away, but it has noticeably mutated. The new strain of this deadly virus is called Rosgvardia. It causes acute symptoms and complications for the protesters downtown. The Storyteller, meanwhile, continues his fabulous special operation. Today he has successfully demilitarized and denazified the maternity hospital in the city of Mariupol. This is not the first and obviously not the most significant of his performances. Over the years of his creative career, he has collected a fairly impressive army of fans. His fan club already includes children from Chechnya, Georgia, and Syria. And before them there were children from Poland, Finland, the Baltic states, and Afghanistan. Someday they will grow up and many of them will want to come to the Storyteller’s country, ride a tank across its land, and shoot from something at someone. Even yesterday this seemed unlikely, but today it is worth thinking about. How big is the fan club right now?
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