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Explosions have been heard in the city. From my balcony, I could observe shells exploding and thick black smoke in the Kherson Airport area where Russian troops are positioned. Four Russian military vehicles, loaded with missiles for the “Smerch” MLRS, raced past my window. On one of their cabins I saw "To Kiev", written in white paint. Kyiv was in the opposite direction, which made me a little happy. I will also remember today's window view because of the car queue to the gas station, where gasoline had suddenly appeared. Its length, calculated on Google Maps, was 1.5 km. Outside my window was also a black minibus with the red inscription "Ritual", which came to pick up the bodies of territorial defense fighters, which had been lying there since March 1. A fairly fresh pain rose to the surface of my consciousness. Ukrainian humanitarian aid is not allowed into the city, and the most vulnerable citizens are already lining up for the Russian alternative. Sometimes curses are shouted at them. It is worth remembering that many pensioners barely had enough money for food when it was half the price before the full scale invasion. For them, what is more important is not what nationality it is, but the fact that it’s free. There are also those who tear the tags off Russian goods and sell them on the market for Ukrainian money.
   The Storyteller did not appear today, but the day was remembered by its closed door to NATO. Surely, millions of people in Ukraine and beyond were counting on a closed sky, not closed doors. The allies were probably confused. Perhaps this is a concession or a step towards the Storyteller, who for many years has been exploiting the same plot, invented in ancient times by the leaders of the USSR. Looking a little further, however, I saw that the Storyteller does not need peace in Ukraine. He needs peace in Malorossiya. And so far there is nothing to expect from peace talks.
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