(Prints 100x225 cm, 70x158 cm)
Based on the book by Erich Fromm.
To have or to be is a dichotomy, antagonizing consumption and creation, religiosity and spirituality, pleasure and joy, passivity and activity, desire and action, memorizing and understanding.
To have or to be are two different ways to go your own way. At one extreme, the pursuit of pleasures from possessing feelings, things, people, knowledge, acquaintances. At the other is the serene joy of a balanced life in the full realization of oneself as a human being. On one side is the transient ghostly pleasure of acquiring and consuming. On the other is the endless joy of activities for the good sake of all living. When we choose being, we are actively working on ourselves to become a good person, friend, husband (wife), father (mother). At the other end of the choice is the desire to have a good son or daughter, husband or wife, boss, neighbor, job etc. and constant dissatisfaction with what we have now. On one side of the scale is the desire to memorize as much information as possible in order to seem wise. On the other - the integration of other people's thoughts into own experience and own active thinking process, the true wisdom.
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