Prints size 112x112 cm
   Since the topic is quite delicate, and not everyone understands exactly what is happening here, I decided to write about it the way they do in the Kremlin, so that everyone understands everything.

   The author’s artwork takes us to specialized stores of a certain category of consumer goods. Souvenir products, representing one of the fundamental symbols of certain state and its citizen, are compared by the author with a specific product from the above-mentioned stores. The title of the artwork, applied by the author to the accompanying product, used for more comfortable application of the above-mentioned products in the places of its intended usage, draws the viewer a parallel with often used in certain media narratives constructions and hints that the path is not so bright. The fact that the accompanying product with the logo is completely “water-based”, serves, according to the author, as a hint of some kind of discrepancy with reality for someone’s selfish purposes. The symbolic souvenir product, damaged and lost at the place of its use is not visible in the space depicted by the author, despite, he invites the viewer’s imagination to independently recreate the complete picture (don’t do this), leaving visible the ambiguous sink drain hole with cracks. The author also transfers onto the shoulders of the viewer the responsibility for creating plumbers, who will have to remove the stuck souvenir product from the place of its use. After all, getting in there is much easier than getting out. But a tube of gel never says a word about this...
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