(Prints 93x112 cm, 60x71 cm)

The Personality derives from the Latin word Persona. In ancient theater, it was a mask, worn by an actor playing different roles in the same play. We try on our first masks in early childhood, when our parents form our behavior to their expectations. Our ability to wear masks grows with us. Soon we have a special mask with its own voice intonation, gestures and clothes for every occasion. At certain point we cannot remember ourselves and the mask becomes us. We hold on to the mask, permanently checking how firmly it sits on our face, so nobody can rip it off, revealing what we are trying to hide behind it: our shadow. Unfortunately or fortunately, being someone else is really difficult, consuming huge resources of life. Carrying a fragile mental construct on the face is unsafe. Fear of losing your face is a constant concern. All attention is directed to the integrity of the mask, surrounding people are noted less and less, increasing alienation. The mask is reactive, it is not able to develop spiritually, to create and to be free in its actions. Being ourselves is to remember who we really are, why we came to this world, what we brought here and what we will take back.
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