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    It's been two months since we live without the data and voice. Local providers who continue to operate in the region receive signal through Crimea. They do not have the technical ability to connect everyone who is left offline, like me. Therefore, for many citizens it has become the norm of life to go online under the door of a neighbor, in a cafe, under the facade of a store or pharmacy. In places of a particularly large concentration of Internet surfers, lemonade is sold in the summer heat.
City billboards are spammed by posters with the slogan that “Kherson is a city with Russian history”. It is not clear why we should forget about the Ukrainian one, but it is especially worth noting Prince Potemkin Tauricheski, whose monument stands in a downtown square. By the way, it was restored when collaborating Saldo was serving his second mayor term here. Thanks to the prince the term "Potemkin Village" appeared. With the development of technology, there is no need to build facades any more, film amateurs and pseudo-journalists copes with everything. Many people have seen how Antonovsky Bridge became a sieve, but few people know that the day before it was repaired for the arrival of a great official from Moscow. Or that Russian soldiers are changing rubles to hryvnia to shop in the central market...
   I don't know if the Storyteller notices how he turned into a Scarecrow and how he is deceived by his favorites, or if villages are built on his orders. By the word "to fight", obviously, he means to drive more morons and conscripts on canned expired tanks and unrivaled horse-drawn carts. Among Russian soldiers, both often flash here.
With the approach of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, another wave of panic swept the city. It can be felt when you enter its limits - the space thicken and collapses. But with all the absurdity and horror that is happening around, love, joy and unwavering confidence in the victory of spirit over fear and indifference they are trying to impose on us may remain in consciousness. Being in the core of the events of the war or many kilometers away from it, you can remain happy and compassionate. As in this work, it all depends on where our attention is directed. War is going on not only on the battlefield, but also within each of us. Who will win it: fear or courage, compassion or indifference, love or hatred, unity or division is up to you, but your personal victory is a huge contribution to the overall victory. And not only of Ukraine, but of all mankind.
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