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Once upon a time, a lonely, longing, and narcissistic Russian genius came up with the idea that the Russian language is a good weapon. After all, "all means are good in war." "Russia ends where the Russian language ends," or maybe even "it never ends!" ... And indeed, like Soviet tanks, planes, guns, and machine guns, language also shoots and does it quite well. Mainly, of course, at those who do not know another language.
In a way, language is an operating system or a service. Without a rich selection of fresh and diverse content, it is of little use. Especially without the truth. Switching to another is undoubtedly more difficult than switching from Android to iOS, as well as developing a new service to their level. And this needs to be taken into account.
On the battlefield, the equipment on both sides is still predominantly the same. The insignia that are applied to it are reminiscent of dialects. There are pros and cons to this. This is a given, it was inherited by us not of our own free will. There was no urgent need to invest resources in the development of our defense industry, but we became dependent and lagged behind those who developed it. Now it is much more difficult to distinguish between friend and foe, but it is easier to use for your own purposes, if you take it away. After all, it is not important what you shoot with, but with whom, at whom and for what.
Why sew yellow triangles to clothes? If in Europe it is so important for you to understand who is standing in front of you, Ukrainian or Russian, you may just ask about it, as English or Spanish speakers do. Of course, if you are not afraid.
The language we speak and think is part of our personality. But the fact that we put on a vyshyvanka and Ukrainian language when we go out, and take it off when we come home, our inner nature does not change in any way. The “Russian World” feels great in both. If it is not Mariupol or Berdyansk, there is no feat in this, we do not bring victory any closer, but rather fuel anti-Ukrainian speculation in the United States and the European Union. This encouraged falsehood is felt and remembered very well, and, moreover, does not help in any way to understand where friend and foe are.
There are no simple solutions to complex problems. It seems that we have been creating "Ukrainian World" for a victory over "Russian World" for quite a long time. And, moreover, justifying the war, we use the same tools for this, forgetting that the opposite of the "Russian World" is not Ukrainian. It is freedom, a universal value that can unite billions of people around the world. Whereas any "World" always repels more than it unites. There is a definite line between unity and conformity, and it is also defined by freedom, not restriction. I hope that next year we will celebrate "Freedom Day", because it seems that the subconscious mind really does not accept objections in words.
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