(Prints 75x118 cm, 50х76 cm)

The way we live today is the result of our past thoughts and actions. What we think and do now creates our tomorrow. As Viktor Frankl vividly demonstrated, life without a goal does not exist. The only question is who has set these goals for us. If these are really our goals, there is enough energy to get up at 5AM, even at 3AM, without an alarm clock, and every moment becomes invaluable. The first pages of our book are written by our parents and relatives. The following, as a rule, by our friends, the environment and the Facebook feed. The information we absorb every day forms our values and beliefs. Our thoughts and actions follow after. Thus, information is no more a value today, but the ability to filter its content (information hygiene). To write your book yourself, you need courage and mindfulness. The first is the ability to step over fear, your ego and leave the comfort zone. The second allows you to separate yourself from the automatic reactions of the mind. Mindfulness is like swimming, a skill you need to train. As Bernard Shaw said, life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Rewrite your book and live the life you want, achieve your own goals. Otherwise another people will think and act through us. And it's never too late to do it.
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