I was born on February 22, 1984 in Kherson, a provincial town in southern Ukraine in a family of ship cooks. The Soviet Union, of which Ukraine was then a part, gradually dissolved in history along with its values ​​and factories. My childhood and youth passed on the ruins of the communism era with all the ensuing complications of fate. Absolutely ignorant of myself and what I really want, I followed my parents life. I graduated the maritime college and made a career as a deck officer on merchant ships. This brought me to financial independence, but in no way to satisfaction. Until 2009, I was engaged in digital photography without any claims to artistry. However, at certain point I discovered the artworks in gaining popularity photomanipulation genre. Since then I have been actively working withinin it, getting satisfaction from creating large complex works with philosophical meaning. Lacking educational background in art, I discovered my own style, experimenting with techniques and images. Parallel to my art, follows the process of my spiritual search and being. I use bodily and meditative practices from different religions, philosophies and psychology. At certain point, creativity and spiritual enlightenment became one and I made them part of my mission.
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