(Prints size 64x90 cm)
(Prints size 47x40 cm as fridge door magnet)
Still Kherson, still Ukraine, on no matter what day since the beginning of the war. “Useful idiots”, supported by the Russian military, announced the introduction of the Russian ruble into circulation from the beginning of May and the accession of Kherson Region to the Russian Federation in the future. Half of May is already over. I still don't know what the Russian ruble looks like. Not only local residents, but also the Russian military, continue to buy food from local entrepreneurs for Ukrainian hryvnia.
   The Storyteller loves history, but it is becoming more and more unsettling for him. Potential scapegoat candidates may turn out to be smarter and the Mausoleum will then turn out to be completely different from what he wanted it to be. “Useful idiots” can become useless at any moment. Or are they not that stupid after all?
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