(Prints size 80x100 cm)
   Fall and depression came to Kherson. Despite the fact that it got sharply colder, it became "hot" in the city. The bridges over the Dnieper river are over, and so are supplies for the military. For Russians, every day brings something explosive from the sky and from around the corner. They have stopped hoping for air defense and fall asleep every night with the hope of waking up. They increasingly appear slightly or blatantly drunk, provoke fights and accidents on the roads. Kherson, where it was so warm and sincere, like at home, turned into a cold and unfriendly place. Part of the population has "turned the calendar", the other part has stocked up on food and water and sits outside the basements waiting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. People continue to leave, and shops close. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, the last local voice of the “Russian World”, Kirill Stremousov, broadcasts from Voronezh to his TV viewers that the city is protected from evil Nazis by the professional military of the Russian Federation and everything is under control. Utility service workers, as if nothing had happened, dig things in and out, cut lawns, and paint, while the Lost World hotel complex burns down nearby. This is where Vladimir Saldo, its owner, who has lost his voice already, sheltered the Russian military. Coincidence or gift of fate, but the “Russian World” has lived in a lost world all this time. And nothing has changed.
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