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 «Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.»
                                                                                                                         Victor Frankl

   Millions of Ukrainians fled the war. But most of them never found peace. It seems to be safe and there are pleasures as usual, but hearts are filled with emptiness and pain. It's not that there are loved ones, homes, work or favorite things left in Ukraine. It is a meaning left behind. The very meaning that transforms any hardship and suffering into life tests. And the paradox is that those who stay and look into the eyes of death every day, risking their lives on the battlefield or in cities under shelling, feel more alive and happy than ever! Because they have a purpose.
   The lack of purpose and meaning in life force people to monstrous wars in the name of delusional ideas. For many Russians, "Russian World" is an escape from emptiness and a sense of meaninglessness of existence. Destructive and absolutely artificial meaning. Neither war nor epidemic can take it or give it. They can only push us to find it ourselves where it has always been. Art, business, politics, any achievements are just tools. The true thing worth living and enduring deprivation for is the way to ourselves. This path is changeable and never final. Life guides us along it through the events and situations in which it places us every new moment. Through our decisions and actions that follow them.
Wherever we go, our fear always follow our steps. We can't escape it, we have to overcome and, as a rule, behind it lies our true destiny. It's not safety and pleasures that make us happy, but true meaning. Finding it is our primary task, wherever we are!
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