(Prints size 80x65 cm)
(Fridge door magnet size 50x36 cm)
A village north of Kherson, unknown before the war, has gained fame and its own identity. And the one who thinks about the future understands that new celebrity needs souvenirs. Very soon Russian tourists will go home and they have almost nothing to take with them, except what will get stuck in the body. Air conditioners and washing machines will not last forever, and logistics problems make them a poor choice.
Of course, the idea to give leg bail did not come about by chance. Three bridge strikes landed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already hinted to the tourists that if they do not leg it now, they will have to leave their legs here forever. But it's not up to them to decide the fate of their legs...

PS: Just the day after the previous post, places with a particularly large cluster of Internet surfers and refreshing lemonade attracted the attention of unkind people. The Internet on Suvorov Street was destroyed, and, with it, Kherson’s most successful post-war startup.
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