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Christ is risen! After more than a week of rain, the sun has come out over the city. However, there are not so many citizens ready to welcome it here. The mayor estimates that 40% of the population has already left. Thousands have been unsuccessfully trying to follow them for the past few days, as information about the forthcoming referendum, census, and forced mobilization has emerged. At the same moment, the Russian military stopped letting people leave the region. At their own risk and peril, Kherson residents are trying their luck under shelling to travel the mined road to Snihurivka, passing 50+ Russian checkpoints in order to be refused at the cherished last frontier. The particularly persistent and patient still manage to head towards Kryvy Rih via Beryslav. I will not hide the fact that the route to Crimea is also used. From there, you can move further to Georgia, Turkey, and even Europe.
It is still hard for me to believe that the referendum will take place, its support here is close to zero. Even more nonsensical seems to be the mobilization of local men to participate in the war against their own compatriots. But the Storyteller has been showing in practice what the absurd and the grotesque is for exactly two months now. He crossed the line a long time ago when he first made war a tool to achieve his goals. Who can say now what line he will stop at?
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