(Prints size 70x67 cm)
(Fridge door magnet size 45x35 cm)
After a long break, air raid alerts have returned to Kherson. The last time we heard them was at the beginning of March. It’s likely that no one will understand us, but we are glad to hear them. More and more Russian military appear on the streets. Their moral quality has also changed. Now the military brand Z is a rarity. They have been replaced by model V, which is more suited to the tasks and proved itself well in Irpen and Bucha. Those who dare to disagree as in the good old post-Soviet 90s, are taken away in the trunk of a new white Lada X-ray (reliable chassis and energy-intensive suspension, ground clearance 195 mm, anti-corrosion treatment underneath, two-sided galvanization of body panels, optimal tire profile height for trips on both asphalt and dirt roads; elegant and solid design, spacious interior with comfortable seats… Prices starting from 1,106,900 Russian Peso). They are loaded into the 361-liter trunk without hesitation, in broad daylight, 30 meters away from children who are playing in an inflatable swimming pool behind the fence of a private house, a fence that has grown significantly since the occupation. Oh brave new world, you look so similar to one we had forgotten!
Two years ago, the city held a competition for the best Kherson cake. It was supposed to become a hallmark, a souvenir to take home. The requirements were: products of local origin, prolonged storage without refrigeration, taste, and design. The fact is that the recipe for the perfect Kherson cake, capable of becoming a symbol of the city, has only now become known. We just didn't have enough ingredients. The Russian military had the opportunity to leave. All decisions had already been made. The dies were cast. The new Kherson cake is an ideal gift for Independence Day for you and your loved ones! But be careful, the product contains ingredients causing acute allergic reactions.
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