(Prints 97x100 cm, 60x62 cm) 

The word “Ego” has many interpretations. It arises from a division of ourselves from the source of true being. Ego protects our false "I", a mask created by the mind to survive in the world of humans. This is the initial splitting of oneself in two, the creation of a relationship between yourself and your invented character, the source of all inner conflicts. The ego, protecting a random set of ideas about oneself, is an extremely fragile and unreliable mental construct. Therefore, it is forced to live in constant fear and discontent, to defend itself and to enlarge itself. Its content may vary from person to person, but the basic essence of any ego is the same: to defend itself through resistance, power, greed, desire to control, attack, make itself right, and others wrong. The stronger the ego, the more intensive is the feeling that other people is the source of all problems.
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