Trump Tower
We quite often underestimate the situation or overestimate our own abilities. Sometimes we take things for granted, or we want to return to something that no longer exists and cannot be recreated. I have hurt myself with this illusion more than once.
For the whole world, Ukraine has become a mirror that reflects its true level of maturity and humanity, its true essence. Individuals, groups, nations, and international organizations discovered their true values in it. I think and feel that the fate of all humanity is at stake now and depends entirely on who or what will prevail in reflection: human or animal? (Courage or fear? Attention or indifference? Action or inaction?)
In a past life, I visited the US quite often. I have a lot of photos from there in my photo archive, and I was especially pleased when I have found the one with Trump Tower. It's no news that Americans value their time. "Time is money", that says a lot. But now, time for us equals human life. So, I think it would be honest to count time not in hours, minutes and seconds, but in people. Example:

-"I'll be there in half a human!"
- "I have a quarter of a human to listen to you!"
-"The session lasts one and a half human..."
Los Angeles & New York
Probably, the best gift to Donald Trump for his inauguration will be special design wrist watch. After all, the shadow of Ukraine is already falling on the future of humanity and will remain in it forever.
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