(prints 108x187 cm, 65x112 cm)
   Enlightenment (700-1000). It is useless to write about this. This is the pinnacle of the evolution of human consciousness.

   Basically, we balance between 3 - 4 adjacent levels. By directing our attention to the reality around us, we will inevitably react to it within the framework of the state of mind in which we are. Events only define conditions. Not understanding the true cause and effects, we often direct all our efforts to change the external circumstances, while we need to work on internal.
   Despite the variability of the states, each person engaged in introspection can confirm that thoughts and feelings cannot be aware of themselves and there is always something greater and unchanging that perceives them. It is our consciousness. Self-awareness enables us to separate ourselves from the content of the mind, which, most likely, no other species on our planet can do. Despite our dependence on unconscious processes, we still have freedom of choice. Neither genetic nor parental determinism makes us hostages of our own mind. The seeds of all states are always present in it and it is in our power to choose which states to feed and which not. By raising the level of our consciousness, we will make the best gift for ourselves and the world. Even one minute spent in a higher state of mind can radically change the life!
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