(prints 82x163 cm, 52x100 cm)

Reason (400)
The ability to cope with large amounts of information, conceptualize and comprehend what is happening, make quick and correct decisions. This is Albert Einstein, as a collective image and the last bar that the intellect can reach.

Love (500)
Unconditional, unchanging love, independent of external factors and the activity of the mind. Expansion of the presence, the ability to see the essence of things: not only the situation as a whole, but also the context, the experience of true happiness. It is communicating with the world through forgiveness, care, and support. At this level, there is a feeling that death is an illusion, and life goes far beyond the physical body.

Joy (540)
Unlimited patience, true compassion, an unwavering positive attitude and a sense of responsibility for others. Such a person uses his abilities for the benefit of the whole world, and not for individuals. He has a strong influence on those around him, immersing them in his state.

Peace (600)
The mind is filled with endless silence, the border between the subject and the object of perception is erased, the observer dissolves in the observed. There are no banal thoughts at this level, a person is able to change the world by his mere presence.
Enlightenment (700-1000). It is useless to write about this. This is the pinnacle of the evolution of human consciousness.

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