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Apathy (50)
It is expressed as a state of despair, when the world around and the future looks bleak. This is a plight in all spheres of life, chronic illness and poverty. In this state, there is neither energy nor hope. A person avoids communication, is inactive, isolates himself from life. This is the level of most homeless people.

Grief (75)
A state of loss and despondency, nostalgia for the past, regret and depression. These are very vulnerable, insecure people with low self-esteem. They are characterized by frequent health problems and a tendency to injuries and accidents.
Fear (100). Here, a person's attention is drawn to the past, he is easily deceived and he himself often lies. Fear sees danger in everything, creates disorder around itself and fights diseases and ailments for most of life, resentment and suppressed anger are characteristic of it.

Desire (125)
This is the level of addiction, a state inherent in gambling addicts, shopaholics. Desire strives to satisfy instinctive needs, requires increased attention, annoys others with constant demands. It is characterized by accumulation and greed. The satisfaction of one desire immediately brings about the appearance of the next. This is the hedonist level.

Anger (150)
This condition manifests itself as irritability, irascibility, increased sensitivity to disrespect, pugnaciousness, grumpiness, intolerance, and a rude sense of humor. A person unconsciously seeks to destroy someone else's point of view, uses threats to subordinate others. Suppressed anger can make a person dangerous and destructive.

Pride (175)
A state of inflated ego and imaginary well-being. Usually enjoys a reputation in society and feels confident, however, entirely depends on external circumstances and on the object of his pride (money, authority, fame). The fear of losing it makes person to take a defensive position. People of higher rank cause anxiety, a desire to destroy their authority.

Courage (200)
This is a kind of watershed. At this level, there is a transition from destructive to creative states. A person acquires proactivity, strength and ability to influence the world. Life in this state is seen as an interesting adventure full of discoveries and achievements. Here, resilience and determination appear, a willingness to try new things, to overcome fears and character flaws. Such people value and respect themselves, and their strength is constantly growing.

Neutrality (250)
It manifests itself as flexibility, lack of desire to condemn, control and defend one's position, a sense of inner well-being and calmness. Ups and downs are accepted naturally, there is an inner confidence in oneself, with such people it is easy and comfortable.

Willingness (310)
These are successful people, builders of society and patrons. They work for the sake of others and achieve success in all endeavors without efforts. They learn easily and recover quickly from unpleasant events.

Acceptance (350)
Here there appears the ability to see things without distortion and erroneous interpretations, full acceptance of life and responsibility for its creation. Perception deepens, compassion develops, acceptance of the rights of others and respect for equality. Such people are not intimidated by hard work, they are guided by long-term goals, and their skill and self-discipline amaze those around them.

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